The synthetic leather (51% polyester - 49% polyurethane) is made in Italy by a company certified "European Ecolabel" ( 

The inner lining is a very soft and highly resistant Alcantara microfiber (68% polyester - 32% polyurethane), manufactured in Italy by a company certified "carbon neutral" since 2009. This new generation of Alcantara® products are characterized by a lower environmental impact, a lower carbon foot print and improved technical properties

Alcantara is targeting to use only bio-based raw materials within 2020 : R&D activities are focused on the possibility to obtain all the components of their products from non food-based biomass (waste of agriculture, wood or paper industry), reducing as much as possible the carbon foot print of such raw materials.

The bag jewels are stamped bronze. They are developed and manufactured by a jeweler-designer in France.

The chains are made of brass; they are guaranteed without palladium, without nickel, and hypoallergenic. They are made in Italy.

The bags are delivered in eco-responsible dust bags, made of organic and fair-trade cotton. They are produced in an ethical and 100% carbon-neutral factory in Pondichéry

The bags are shipped in a recyclable shipping carton, with recycled kraft-paper fibers inside. The adhesive tape is recyclable too.

For ecological reasons, we choose not to use a second carton box : we prefer to leave the trees in the forests!


We know that synthetic materials are not without environmental consequences. No manufactured product can really be without any impact.

However, the leather industry is one of the most polluting in the world because it uses very toxic chemicals. The environmental impact of a clean synthetic alternative is much lower than that of leather, even of good quality.