Who are we ?

Colibri Vegan Bags is a premium French brand offering an alternative to classic luxury bags made from animal skin. 

Where are our bags manufactured ?

Our bags are entirely made in France, in an independent workshop.

How were our suppliers selected ?

Our suppliers have been selected strictly for the high quality of their products, their location, their commitment to reduce their environmental impact, and their ethics.

What are the materials used ?

We use an Ecolabel-certified synthetic leather (51% polyester - 49% polyurethane), and an Alcantara® microfiber (68% polyester - 32% polyurethane).

All the materials that are used to produce our bags are high quality materials.

Where does these materials come from ?

The synthetic leather and the Alcantara microfiber are from Italy.

The cotton labels and the Colibri medals and the zippers are made in France.

The organic cotton dust-bags are made in India.

Synthetic leather = plastic ?

Strictly speaking, yes. But we work with an eco-designed polyurethane : its production has a lower environmental impact than the production of a good quality leather. It is PVC-free and does not present any risk to human health.

We are currently working on new materials made from organic waste.

Why don’t we use leather ?

The leather industry is one of the most polluting in the world. It was impossible for us to build an eco-responsive brand using leather. We invite you to search informations about the working conditions of the employees in the major exporting countries, and about the disastrous environmental impact of this industry.

Why do we produce in limited edition only ?

We are pro-slowfashion, and we do not want to produce in large quantities. The bags are entirely made by hand, from the cut to the assembly, in a little workshop in France : the productions are understandably limited.

What are our return and exchanges conditions ?

Please check the « Returns and exchange » section.


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